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4 de julio de 2024

Oportunidad de consultoría sobre rewilding (en remoto)

 Consultant for measuring the intangible impact of rewilding

Rewilding Europe aims to transform Europe into a wilder place, where wildlife thrives and natural processes are restored. We believe that wild nature is essential for a prosperous and healthy society. Our goal is to scale rewilding across Europe by 2030, creating significant ecological, economic, and social benefits.

About the Role

To understand the broader impacts of rewilding on society, Rewilding Europe is looking for a consultant to finalize and pilot a methodology for monitoring intangible benefits. This role involves measuring changes in perceptions, beliefs, and emotions towards wilder nature. The findings will be crucial for our 2030 strategic objectives, helping us track progress and enhance engagement with rewilding efforts.

Key objectives

  • Finalize indicators and monitoring protocol for intangible benefits of rewilding.
  • Conduct two pilot studies to measure these benefits and test the methodology.
  • Provide recommendations for follow-up monitoring.


1. Finalize preparatory work on methodology and tools (by 30 September 2024):

- Refine indicators for data collection.

- Validate geographic scope and demographic segmentation.

- Develop and test a quantitative data collection questionnaire.

- Create a monitoring protocol.

- Program an automated data analysis tool.

2. Conduct the pilot study (by 31 December 2024):

- Execute baseline studies in two pilot landscapes with approximately 200 respondents each.

- Train local interviewers on questionnaire use.

- Analyze collected data and produce landscape-specific reports.

3. Post-study assessment (by 31 January 2025):

- Summarize key requirements, challenges, and next steps in a concise report.

- Provide guidance on broader implementation of the methodology.

4. Presentation (by 31 January 2025):

- Prepare and deliver a PowerPoint presentation summarizing the work done.


  • Final list of indicators
  • Data collection questionnaire
  • Time and resource requirements for pilot execution
  • Data collection and analysis tools
  • Raw data and interview transcripts
  • Detailed reports for each landscape
  • Post-study assessment report


  • Proven experience in social impact assessment and surveys, preferably in Europe.
  • Understanding of rewilding and the European context.
  • High-quality proposal with a detailed budget.

Deadline to apply: July 15

Full job description and how to apply: https://rewildingeurope.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/06/ToR-Measuring-intangible-impacts-of-rewilding-%E2%80%93-Pilot-Methodology-1.pdf

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