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Hi there!

My name is Fernando Mateos González, I'm a Spanish biologist, with a masters in animal biodiversity and a PhD in behavioural ecology and blah blah blah... (here you can find out more).

The important thing is that I'm in love with the jungle.

And I'm planning a great excuse to go back in October 2020. 2021? Would you like to join? 
  • We'll be a team of 12 adventurers + 2 guides.
  • And we'll spend around 12 days in the Peruvian Amazon, in Madre de Dios, the same region where I worked with the BBC on Seven Worlds One Planet.
  • We'll visit a remote area protected by Hoja Nueva, a conservation NGO & Wildlife Rescue Center directed by Sam Zwicker.
  • Our mission will be to explore the area and to produce a wildlife rapid inventory.
  • It won't be a course (we study enough during the rest of the year), but we'll use plenty of tools, techniques and gadgets.
Interested? Send me an email introducing yourself and I'll keep you updated! 

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