Combina bosques de kelp, ADN ambiental y redes tróficas en este postdoc ~

31 de octubre de 2021

Combina bosques de kelp, ADN ambiental y redes tróficas en este postdoc

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We invite applications for a 2-year and half (30 months) postdoctoral position at INRAE "Ecology and Ecosystem Health" lab located at Rennes (France), to work on the TROPHIC STRUCTURE AND FUNCTIONING OF KELP-FOREST FOOD WEBS

CONTEXT. Kelp forests are extensive underwater habitats that range along 25% of the world’s coastlines, providing valuable resources, habitat, and services for coastal communities. These ecosystems are facing major threats due to marine pollution, overfishing, overgrazing (by urchins) and climate change that affect their trophic structure and functioning. To understand the mechanisms (such as functional compensation) that favor the resilience and stability of kelp forests, we need to improve our knowledge on their food web structure under variable environmental conditions.

This project co-funded by the French Office of Biodiversity (OFB) and the Brittany region aims to study (1) the trophic interactions among organisms associated with kelp forest (seals, birds, fish, invertebrates and algae) in two marine protected areas and (2) the relationship between kelp forest
functional structure (diet of bioindicator species) and productivity (fish size and abundance) along a gradient of turbidity and human pressures (sediment discharge).

The successful candidate will be involved in sampling activities (in coordination with scientific partners and stakeholders) and will lead eDNA analyses developing a multi-marker DNA metabarcoding approach. She/He will be also responsible for the compilation of reference database of DNA barcodes, bioinformatics analysis and manuscript write-up.

REQUIREMENTS. Candidates should have a PhD degree in ecology or equivalent and have spent at least 18 months outside of France between May 1st, 2017 and the starting of the project (a prerequisite from the Brittany region). She/He must have a background in eDNA analysis. Experience in designing and applying metabarcoding analysis as well as additional skills in community ecology in particular on marine ecosystems will be appreciated. Autonomy and interpersonal skills (ability to work in groups) are mandatory. The candidate will be selected based on previous scientific track record and qualifications of relevance to the described projects

The position is an excellent opportunity for candidates who plan to defend their PhD before January 2022. All nationalities and genders are encouraged to apply. The position may start between January and May 2022. The fixed term contract provides a net salary of 2,200 euros per month.

LOCATION & HOST LAB. The successful applicant will work directly with Erwan Quéméré in a stimulating research group based in the Research unit ESE Ecology and Ecosystem Health (Rennes, France) ( The group offers a creative working environment. It uses a broad range of innovative techniques (remote-sensing, genomic, spatial, imagery, modelling, etc.) to study marine and freshwater ecosystems at various levels of biological organisation (from genes to organisms, populations and communities). The lab and local collaborators benefit from all equipment to develop the metabarcoding approach: a room dedicated to “environmental DNA” analysis (PCR-free laboratory), an Illumina sequencing platform and a bioinformatic server. The project benefits from an attractive collaborative environment with the National Museum of Natural History (MNHN) (Paris, Concarneau, Dinard), IFREMER (Brest) and the Biological Station of Roscoff (CNRS, Sorbonne University). The successful candidate will move regularly between sampling sites in Brittany, meet partners and participate in conferences.

Incoming applications will continue to be considered until the position is filled.Applications should include: CV with list of publications in peer-reviewed journals; a letter explaining research interests and three academic references. Applications should be sent to Erwan Quéméré,, Eric Petit, and Jean-Charles Leclerc, 
Informal inquiries may be made to Erwan Quéméré,

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