Trabaja en ADN ambiental de criptógamas (líquenes, briófitas, algas y hongos) árticas y alpinas ~

17 de marzo de 2022

Trabaja en ADN ambiental de criptógamas (líquenes, briófitas, algas y hongos) árticas y alpinas

Oferta compartida por Nuria

At The Arctic University Museum of Norway (UM) a position as Associate Professor is available within cryptogam (bryophytes, lichens, fungi) science. The position is affiliated to the newly established Norwegian Centre for Arctic Ecosystem Genomics (ArcEcoGen).

ArcEcoGen research focus the research on the combined effect of humans, climate, and biota on northern ecosystem dynamics in the past, present, and future using environmental DNA (eDNA) techniques. A key goal of ArcEcoGen is to build up a diverse, rigorous, and internationally leading research group in ecosystem genomics. The Museum's large scientific collections used for research and for generating DNA reference libraries includes ~40 000 specimens of fungi, 23 000 lichens, 24 000 bryophytes, and 3500 algae. Our collections also include sediment samples from arctic and alpine lakes as well as DNA extracts from sediments and organisms. We also have fully equipped laboratories and infrastructure for recovery and analyses of modern, ancient, and eDNA, as well as field equipment for sediment coring. We are currently recruiting PhDs, Post Docs, and associate professors as a part of a recent Aurora Centre funding award.

The position is expected to develop a research program within eDNA of cryptogams with a focus on northern ecosystems. Further, the position holder will be curator of our cryptogam collection and participate in outreach, administration, and some teaching. It is expected that the position holder will participate in research group collaboration and professional networks nationally and internationally and will obtain external funding from national and international funding agencies (e.g., RCN/EU).

You will conduct research and will be in charge of maintaining and developing the Museum's scientific collection of cryptogams.

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