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2 de abril de 2023

Oferta para dirigir el Proyecto de protección de gorilas de la fundación Aspinall

Oferta compartida por Cristina

ToR Director, Projet Protection des Gorilles (PPG), Bateke Plateau, Gabon

The Aspinall Foundation, a British charity founded by the late John Aspinall, in cooperation with the governments of the Republic of Congo (since 1987) and of Gabon (since 1998), set up the Projet Protection des Gorilles (PPG) for the overall goal to work with local partners for the conservation of indigenous endangered species in general, and of gorillas in particular.
To achieve this goal, PPG is involved in several distinct but related activities in the two range countries:
The reduction of the trade in orphan gorillas, and consequently the illegal bush-meat trade, by repression (facilitating confiscation of illegally held gorillas by the national governments) and by prevention (information, awareness, education).
The rehabilitation of confiscated orphan gorillas into a natural forest habitat, for the conservation and individual welfare of these ‘ambassadors’ of their species.
The reintroduction of captive-born gorillas into protected areas within the former range of the species.
The management of these areas for the restoration and the protection of their natural resources.
The promotion of local, national and international awareness of the threats facing the species.
The development of sustainable conservation-minded activities which provide economic benefits on a local and national scale.
TAF fund and manage the western lowland gorilla reintroduction project in the Batéké Plateau National Park, Projet Protection des Gorilles (PPG Gabon) and has been working in close collaboration with the Gabonese Government to ensure the protection of the national park since its creation in 2002. TAF are also responsible for the management of the “Reserve Naturelle des Gorilles de Lesio-Louna” (RNGLL) in collaboration with the Congolese government - situated northwest of Brazzaville, Republic of Congo, the “Projet Lésio-Louna” (PLL) is a western lowland gorilla reintroduction and protected area management project.
Responsibilities of PPG Director
Ensure gorilla care is maintained at the highest possible standard, for both rewilded and in habituation phase
Ensure regular and proactive project camp maintenance / management
Pre and post release monitoring, via camera trap data collection and direct observation for gorillas and all other species.
Ensure timely accounting and reporting on all financial expenditures and monitor overall budget management with the UK-based TAF director and manager of overseas projects.
Coordinate logistics at the Project base camps and satellite bases (eco-guard posts, research camps, etc.).
Assure open and regular communication with the TAF director of overseas projects concerning program activities, donor ideas or contacts, and other related administration issues.
Arrange project purchasing, logistics, monthly payroll, and other administrative activities
Ensure thorough and regular inventories of existing Project equipment and infrastructure.
Prepare project budget proposals for each of the project components and annual budget proposals for the TAF director of overseas projects and work with TAF UK team to secure supplemental funding sources, by the way of grant application for the Project activities where appropriate.
Ensure fulfillment of reporting and administrative requirements with the TAF UK office.
Fulfill media requests from UK office
Management and monitoring of staff absence including holiday, sick leave, maternity/paternity leave etc.
Collaborate with any respective government agencies, accordingly.
Recruitment, training, and management of staff. This will include annual reviews of staff performance, and responsibility for managing employee grievances and implementing disciplinary procedures in instances of poor conduct or poor performance/capability as required implementing the activities outlined in the Project’s overall objectives.
Explore and pursue strategic legal agreements with government bodies and other parties necessary to achieve the project’s objectives.
Reporting to TAF Director of Overseas Projects
Applicants must be fluent in French and high level of spoken and written English.
Location of work
Most of the time will be spent in the Bateke Plateau Reserve, based at the Mpassa camp but with time also at other field camps in the Reserve. Some work will need to be undertaken in the capital regional town of Franceville.
Accommodation will be provided in the Bateke Plateau Reserve, and in Franceville when necessary.
Paid annual leave of absence will be granted during the period of the contract or pro rata on the basis of completed calendar months. Details to be discussed with applicant.
Medical insurance and evacuation cover will be provided.
Length of contract
The contract is for a period of one year from date of signing.
Salary to be discussed dependent on experience.
Rations/ Benefits
Perdiem allowance to be discussed with the applicant / one return flight ticket per 12-month period
Sophia Fagan
Application deadline
Please send CV and covering letter for your application to be considered.

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