Asistente de campo en proyecto sobre el comportamiento de Orangutanes en Sumatra ~

26 de mayo de 2023

Asistente de campo en proyecto sobre el comportamiento de Orangutanes en Sumatra

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Fieldwork Research Assistant – Orangutan behaviourI am seeking a hard-working and enthusiastic research assistant to assist with fieldwork for a PhD project on Juvenile Sumatran Orangutans, starting in October 2023. The field site is located in a primary tropical peat swamp forest in Indonesia, and part of the SUAQ Project. The assistant will locate and follow habituated orangutans throughout the forest for around 12h per day, collecting behavioural and spatial data. The assistant will be trained in the field for data collection, including instantaneous sampling of behaviour, and spatial data collection using handheld GPS units. Following this, the assistant should be confident in working independently with local field assistants.

Study site:
The study site is situated in a scenic primary forest, with an abundance of endemic and endangered flora and fauna, including a dense population of the Critically Endangered Sumatran Orangutan. There are snakes, and other potentially dangerous wildlife that the assistant may encounter and must respect. Field conditions are mentally and physically challenging, with risks of tropical diseases. Even in the dry season, the forest floor is flooded to at least ankle depth, meaning constantly wet feet. The assistant will live in basic traditional wooden outbuildings, alongside local field staff, and occasional international students. Food is mostly rice and vegetable-based dishes prepared by a camp chef. Phone signal and internet connection is very limited, but there are regular trips to local villages for supplies and phone signal. The assistant must be comfortable living within nature, with limited luxuries and connections to the outside world.

Role and responsibility:
Prior to fieldwork, the applicant must also complete the relevant visa and research permit processes in Jakarta and Medan, which can take around 4 weeks, with help from our Indonesian counterparts. Applicants must take advice from Travel Health Specialists for medication and be up to date with vaccinations such as COVID19, Hepatitis, Yellow Fever, Tuberculosis.
Applicants are expected to follow orangutans from dawn until dusk, alongside local field staff, taking behavioural data, spatial data, and photographs for identification, taking rest days as necessary. Computer-based work will include inputting and cleaning data.Experience/skills:
· Strong interest in scientific research.
· Willingness and confidence to work in a remote and physically demanding field site.
· Physically fit to endure long and rainy days in the field.
· Experience with conducting fieldwork (Remote tropical fieldwork preferred).
· Sensitivity and social adaptability to Indonesian culture.
· Some experience using behavioural ethograms.
· Some experience using GPS devices.
· Fluent English, and willingness to learn some basic Indonesian.Contract: a commitment of 12 months is required.
Return plane tickets to home country, vaccinations, food and lodging at camp, and project related fees are covered by the project, upon successful completion of the project. A monthly stipend of 150 Euros is provided for personal use, to ensure the candidate experiences no costs for this position.Please send a CV and cover letter to Emma Lokuciejewski at before 10th June 2023.
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