Voluntariado con trabajo de campo en China estudiando el comportamiento de paseriformes - gastos pagados excepto llegada a China ~ Bioblogia.net

4 de enero de 2024

Voluntariado con trabajo de campo en China estudiando el comportamiento de paseriformes - gastos pagados excepto llegada a China

Oferta compartida por Cristina

We are looking for volunteer field assistants for our study of avian behavioral ecology in central China. 

The volunteers are expected to assist in two projects: (1) Black-throated and Silver-throated tit project, which will be focusing on the two species’ cooperative breeding behavior and incubation behaviour; and 2) Japanese tit (a previous subspecies of Great tit) project, which will be focusing on how behavioral laterality (specifically, footedness) is associated with individual personality, vocal behavior and reproduction.

The volunteers will be working with a crew of 6-10 people, including students and other volunteers in an area nearby Dongzhai National Nature Reserve. Duties of both projects include identifying color-ring-banded individuals, searching for and checking nests, mist-netting and trapping birds, observing behaviors, conducting experiments, watching videos and data entry, etc.

Volunteers will have opportunities to learn field skills of ornithological and behavioral research and experience Chinese tradition and culture. As the study site is located at the outskirt of the Dongzhai National Nature Reserve, a well-known birding spot in the Henan province of China, the volunteers will also have opportunities to see many Chinese bird species such as crested ibis, Reeves’s pheasant, white-throated kingfisher, blue-throated bee-eater and amur paradise-flycatcher.

The start of the Black-throated and Silver-throated tit project will be at mid-February and will last until mid-May, and the Japanese tit project will be in early March and will last until the end of July. Volunteers can be joining either of the two projects at any time and can consider to switch from the first project to the second project in mid-May. The volunteers with a minimum stay of two or more months are preferred.

The projects will cover all work-related expenses during the volunteering period (i.e. housing, food, and traffic costs, etc.), but there is no salary, and the volunteers are responsible for their travel to and from China.


1. Strong interest in wildlife research, especially in birds and animal behaviors;

2. Previous experience in biology, ecology or a related field is preferred, but not essential (basic training, such as mist-netting and behavioral observation, will be provided);

3. Be physically fit for field work and willing to work for long and irregular time in the field;

4. Be used to Chinese diet and be willing to share rooms with other crew members;

Some more information can be found at: http://www.luckytit.cn

To apply:

Please contact Dr. Jianqiang Li AT luckytit@163.com. The application should include: (1) a short resume or CV, (2) the dates you will be available for the projects, and (3) the names and contact information of at least two references.

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