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28 de junio de 2016

Want to do a PhD?

(Puedes leer esta entrada en español aquí, y la entrada hermana de Franck, aquí)

During my PhD, I was lucky enough to get a grant that allowed me to travel every year, to do research at other institutions around the world. 

One of these research trips took me to France, where I worked for 3 months, aspiring to become a better scientist.

It didn't work...
I spent most of my time there measuring reflectance in large quantities of barn swallow feathers. From time to time, however, I would leave my spectrophotometer and venture through the corridors and offices of my host research center: the University Paris-Sud, in Orsay, a small town at the outskirts of Paris.

That's how I met Franck Courchamp and his amazing crew: 

The nice members of the Biodiversity Dynamics group helped me to cope a bit better with the cold Parisian winter, when they kind of adopted me, both in and out of the lab.

If you read Franck's blog, you will soon discover that these guys don't have a very clear barrier between their social lives and the lab hours. It all merges, somehow, into a very successful group of friends that enjoy Science together.

It looks like a wonderful place to do a PhD!

That's why I thought it would be a good idea to ask Franck about his view on the PhD business, and today, as a result, we bring to you these infographics:

Did you like it? Here you can download a pdf version, if that's more your thing...


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Franck and Fernando

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