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7 de junio de 2021

Puesto permanente como investigador en la estación agro-ecológica Florencia (Amazonia Colombiana)

Oferta compartida por Nuria

The Florencia station (Caqueta province) in western Colombian Amazon region is a joint public-private, decentralized, not-for-profit institution of scientific and technical nature. The station develops agricultural technologies through research, technology adaptation and transfer, providing technical assistance for improving production competitiveness, equitable distribution of technology benefits, and sustainable use of natural resources, strengthening Colombia's scientific and technological capacities, and contributing to improving the rural population's quality of life.

The station strategically manages seven key innovation networks in the general fields of vegetables, fruits, permanent crops (palms of economic interest, forest tree species, and rubber), short term season crops, roots and tubers, cacao, and livestock (cattle and minor species). Research is carried out at stations and agricultural fields from a network of 13 localities throughout different agro-ecological regions.

Knowledge, conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity for improved livelihoods, and productivity and sustainability of agricultural and livestock systems make up Florencia station building blocks. Its ultimate goal is to deliver plant and animal materials with improved traits that provide comparative advantages to the producer over available cultivars, and with added product value in the production and commercialization chain. The agro-ecologists at the station would work in coordination with local communities, breeding programs and Gene Banks to find the most relevant traits for specific climate conditions.

Lead the agro-ecology program at the station for tropical regions, in search of improved production and quality traits in materials adapted to different agro-ecosystems, using traditional methods coupled with last generation tools.

  • Lead and participate in the generation and execution of research projects.
  • Bioprospecting and management of wild and regional materials with potential to be used in agro-ecological production systems.
  • Implement selection methodologies for efficiency in nutrient and water uptake, and or other priority agronomic traits to enhance genetic superiority.
  • Collaborate with other researchers discussing and executing research activities.
  • Serve as an internal peer in advising, reviewing and giving written concepts on submitted projects, final reports, and publications.
  • Serve as a mentor and supervise junior researchers and students participating in research.
  • Establish collaboration and develop projects as executor or co-executor with national and international partners, as well as with private sector agencies, aligned with the station's overall strategy.
  • Rigorously prepare reports and publications in national and international peer-reviewed journals in the field of research.
  • Participate in events having to do with dissemination of research among technical assistants, scientific organizations, and funding agencies.
  • Develop materials and activities for capacity building for scientists, farmers, and technical assistants.

  • Ph.D. in agro-ecology, forestry, agronomy or alike.
  • Expertise from one to two years in climate adaptation, forestry and ecosystemic services.
  • Fluency in English and enough knowledge of Spanish to enable communicating with staff in carrying out research activities.
  • Ability to work in a team and provide guidance to other research teams.
  • Proven ability in preparing research proposals.
  • The candidate is expected to have the scientific and technological productivity requirements for the position.
This is a permanent position. Salary commensurate with experience and qualifications. Starting monthly salary for PhD researchers is $12 million Colombian currency - *ca. *$3,220 USD. Salaries are highly competitive by Colombian standards - see cost of living here (https://www.numbeo.com). The position will be based at Florencia station, located in the province of Caqueta, Colombian western Amazon region, a major biodiversity hotspot, besides an exciting and exotic place for living.

Researchers from abroad are encouraged to apply and would receive the following package of benefits:
  • One time $5,000 USD for mobility.
  • Universal health coverage and contribution to pension fund.
  • Ten extra days of annual paid holidays besides the legal 18 days.
  • Yearly tickets to connect with Bogotá (in connection with the country of origin) for the researcher and the family.
Persons interested in the position should apply via ElEmpleo or via LinkedIn and send the following documents in English, to the email jobs@agrosavia.co. The subject line should specify: Position Announcement No. A-302021.
  • Updated Curriculum Vitae including list of publications, working experience, a brief description of your most relevant research results, and professional references with contact information.
  • Cover letter highlighting experience that qualifies you for the position.
Along with your resume, please send the following documents:
  • Type of ID document
  • Number of the ID document
  • Contact phone
  • Profession
  • Country of residence
  • Skype user name

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